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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Mam had some business in Buriram. I went along and did some exploring.

On the way we made the usual pit stop at Café Amazon

Buddha image at Wat Khao Kradong in Buriram

Temple bell at Wat Khao Kradong

Steps to the top at Khao Kradong Forest Park, site of an extinct volcano.

View from the top.

Huge Buddha image at Khao Kradong Forest Park

Base of Buddha image

The stones at the bottom are the remains of an 11th century Khmer prang (tower). The top is recent.

Chinese pavilion near the city pillar in downtown Buriram

Chinese shrine near the city pillar.

City pillar shrine

The Buriram city pillar is the post wrapped in fabric at the center of the photo

I believe that the three wooden planks are the remains of an older city pillar. 

Passage near the fresh market.

Barber shop

Electrical repair

Keys made

Nice old wooden shophouse near the fresh market

Cane truck

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cycling the Kham Talay Soh Loop

Tried something different on this ride. Almost all of the photos are road shots. I thought it might be interesting to see what the roads look like on this version of the loop. Turns out it wasn't very interesting.

Video from ReLive.cc first:


Crossing Mukkamontree Road toward Wat Horng

Small road near Ban Khmer

Home Pro on Highway 204 to Khon Kaen

Ban Khon Chum

Fallow fields north of Khon Chum

Bridge over Boribon River

Ban Tako

Entering Hwy 2198 at Ban Phutsa

Discarded spirit houses west of Ban Phutsa

Hwy 2198 at Ban Phon Krung

Construction of Motorway 6 west of Si Mum on Hway 2198

Construction of Motorway 6 west of Si Mum on Hway 2198

Construction of Motorway 6 west of Si Mum on Hway 2198

Construction of Motorway 6 west of Si Mum on Hway 2198

Construction of Motorway 6 west of Si Mum on Hway 2198

Nearing Hwy 2068

Intersection of highways 2198 and 2068 at Kham Talay Soh

Kham So Coffee

Very wide Hwy 2068 at Kham Talay So

Wat Nong Khun on the right after turning east of Hwy 2068

Road along irrigation canal near Wat Khok Faek

Shortcut through Wat Khok Faek

Irrigated fields near Ban Kham Talay Soh

Ubosot (ordination hall) at Wat Kham Talay Soh

Yours truly. Photo taken by a kind monk.

Bridge over irrigation canal near Ban Kham Talay Soh

Scallions drying

Rural road south of Ban Kham Talay Soh

New rice under power lines at Tambon Baanmai Moo 4

Nearing Mukkamontree Road at Baanmai

Map with a few photos:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

North Andaman Diving January 2017

Diving the Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock in the North Andaman sea aboard the Tapana Catamaran.

Approaching Phuket

Mr Mee does a briefing in the Tapan lounge

Similan Islands panorama

Bubble Coral

Mam explores some coral and a sea fan

Nice to see some huge sea fans

Mike chases a Hawksbill Turtle

Dorid Nudibranch

Sunrise in the Similans

Time to rest in the cabin

Dorid Nudibranch

Another Hawksbill Turtle

Fish for dinner

Beautiful sea fan

Black Velutinid - A kind of sea snail

Octopus trying to hide

Mam looking cool and calm


Nice to see so many healthy fans in the North Andaman

Mike and Mam courtesy Kaen of Sainamtalay

Campbell (Donald Duck) Bay

Turtle Rock - Similans

Time for a little business

Oriental Sweetlips - My favorite fish

Sunrise in the Similans

Weighing the anchor

Elephant Head Rock

The Window at Elephant Head Rock

Aeolid Nudibranch

Rocks at West of Eden, Similans

Reticulada - A Dorid Nudibranch
Short video of the dive

Similan Number Four

Chef Baum Makes Waffles

Rassada Harbor

Mam with Tapana Catamaran

Tapana Catamaran

Departing Phuket off Phang Nga Bay